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Titles by MomsDarkSecret are available in a variety of formats. Please see the format pages for your reading platform to find links to purchasing locations. Book summaries are listed below.

Yaoi Romances:

Sacrifice - A young man forced to give away his innocence searches for a new future, but cannot decide if that future should include the man who loves him.

Beautiful Beast - An erotic, adult retelling of the Beauty and the Beast legend.

Sex Slave - A young man kidnapped by bandits as a teenager and turned into a sex slave is rescued by a kind-hearted Captain after years of torment. But will the Captain's kindness be enough to overcome the young man's need to be sexually submissive?

Palace Page - A young man gets a job as a palace page and immediately becomes involved with the most notorious nobleman at court. He also falls into a relationship with the crown prince, who is in love with the very same gentleman. Sex, politics and unrequited love! What else does one need?

The Fall of the Dragon King - A prince agrees to marry a young priest to avert a disaster caused by his ancestor. Will their sacrifice save the world or will their commitment only lead to another disaster?

The Final War - A kingdom fights a brutal, neverending war with its neighbor. The king's nephew serves on the front lines, but his love affair with the son of a minor nobleman causes him to question the war and his loyalty, ultimately leading to a showdown with the king.

Hostage - A young prince sent to a neighboring kingdom as a hostage becomes involved with the youngest son of that kingdom. But when a plot unfolds to free his homeland from subjugation, the prince is forced to choose between his passion for his lover and his loyalty to his kingdom.

Concubine - A peaceful and prosperous kingdom is about to be invaded by a nation of fierce warriors and its young prince regent appeals to a powerful neighbor for military aid. An agreement is reached, but on a condition that places the young man at the mercy of a handsome and charismatic crown prince. But is his sexual compliance the only demand that will be placed on his kingdom?

Space Jockey - An independent space hauler accustomed to working alone takes on a teenage boy, a professional personal sexual companion, as his partner and almost immediately realizes he is in over his head. The shipping business was never this hot!

Son of the Syndicate - A poor young man orphaned at a young age becomes the sexual plaything of powerful syndicate executives. However, an unexpected turn of events places him at the mercy of the head of a powerful syndicate family and his life takes a surprising turn for the better. But a shocking revelation about his past threatens everything he has come to hold dear, and now he must struggle to regain the only happiness he has ever known.

The Warrior Called Demon - A warrior with a troubled past uses a woman with the ability to see the past, present and future to track down and destroy the band of raiders who raped his mother, resulting in his birth. Along the way, he acquires a young nobleman who serves as his sexual companion in order to gain the warrior's protection. These three strangers forge an uneasy alliance on the warrior's quest of destruction.

Tentacles of Love - A young naval officer on an interstellar cruiser is assigned as the liaison to an alien ambassador on the way to mediate a dispute on a Federation planet. The amphibious, multi-tentacle creatures are well-known for their intelligence, logic, and insatiable sexual appetite for human men, a trait young Shaun Avery comes to know very well!

The Dark Heart Series:

Dark Heart: Awakening - A high school student with hidden telekinetic powers must rescue the boy he is in love with from supernatural danger, but can he do so without losing control of the destructive power within him?

Dark Heart: Possession - Telekinetic Doug and his boyfriend Addison, a spirit medium, combat demons unleashed by their first encounter, but the danger to Addison grows with each exorcism. Will Doug's wild power be enough to protect Addison from possession?

Dark Heart: Enlightenment - Doug and Addison must confront the sorcerer whose dangerous quest has placed all of existence at risk. But is Doug's dark power the key to ending the peril or the match that will bring about ultimate destruction?

The Bright Isle Series:

The Wizard of Bright Isle - A boy raised as a servant discovers he has the power to become a royal wizard and enters a world of magic, politics and intrigue.

The Royal Wizard - A young man acknowledged as the most powerful wizard in the kingdom lives only to serve the king he loves. But will that love turn him into what the kingdom fears most: a rogue wizard?

The Queen of White Shores - When the king he loves decides to marry, a young wizard must decide if he can accept the new queen’s role in their lives, while also dealing with a shocking crisis in the community of wizards.

The Wizard Prince - When the youngest son of King Edouard and Queen Celli manifests as a wizard and is sent to the Wizards Hall for training, he is greeted with resentment and fear, because no one wants a wizard in the royal family. Once again, magic and politics collide in the kingdom of White Shores.

The White Lake School for Wizards - A new school for wizards has opened unbeknownst to the Wizards Hall. When Kieran discovers the new school is harboring a dark secret, he enlists Vincent and Geran to help him uncover the plot. The only problem is his plan is risky for everyone involved.

General Fiction:

The Dragons' Curse - An innkeeper's son is entrusted with a dragon's egg, embarking him on an adventure to restore the ancient race of dragons.